Delano Smith
Dicembre 23, 2009
Moony Me
Novembre 27, 2009


José Reis, or Accatone name of the first Pasolini movie derived by his cinema graduation, is a beggar for groove and rhythm. He’s also fond of 808 drum samples and lush chords. This can get him into trouble when in the company of other house heads but shows his willingness to test the boundaries of his chosen genre with often great results. Accatones musical know how, gained through a life on full front musicianship and live acts, enables him to translate his soul world influences into contemporary House music. It’s difficult to sum up his productions and his dj sets as in a way he thrives for the old school House and Techno and brings his own imprint, a highly organic dance floor experience that can change in a clap and still maintain a natural voyage like flow. With a vast music selection on his crate, Accatone is able to blend both the old and new without any trouble of a sort. Accatone has been an artist and co-promoter for the past 4 years of one of the most successful modern prints in Portugal, Piston Recordings. It’s a family run label that has provided Accatone with the ground to make his cuts by walking freely in many different musical quadrants. Running their own label nights, there’s room for everything, and everyone comes down for the music’s quality and variety.