Febbraio 12, 2010
Dicembre 26, 2009


Driven by a growing passion toward synthesizers & drum machines, José Fehner started his Mangabey alias back in 2013, in order to get his two main influences together: jazz & black music. From this duality between classic approach and a more modern club music vibe, Mangabey takes the best of both worlds. Since then he has created his own style by bringing proper jazz techniques and Chicago House under one roof.
Released on Boussole Records back in February 2016, his "Reflection" EP translates this vision into warm sounds and rich compositions. Mixing & matching influences of his masters like Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, Thelonious Monk, with Dan Shake Jacob Korn, Max Graef & Glen Astro. Out in the end of 2017 his debut EP in Apparel Music.