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Paul Johnson – Hear The Music

Paul is sadly missed, his back catalogue is worth a listen to anyone house fan, young or old. We really dig his rhythms and percussion. released in 96’ on Feel the Music LP. Any of his early music releases are very good.


Norm Talley – Change (Mike Huckaby Remix)

Again Mike is sadly missed, lovely chords in this one. We could have picked any track from both Norm or Mikes back catalogue.


Brian Kage & Delano Smith – Keep ‘em Movin’

This is a nice slice of that boomy Detroit goodness. Nice little piano too.


Theo Parrish – Falling up (Carl Craig Remix)

This is a banger, and will move any floor, any time, anywhere.


Boo Williams & Glenn Underground – Chi-Town Attack

These two are still banging out the underground gems.


6th borough project – Back To Me

Big influence on what we do, again, we could have picked any track from their combined or solo back catalog.