Delano Smith
Luglio 21, 2009
Giugno 6, 1978

Ivano Tetelepta

‘‘Founder of KERING# and DPBEATS, member of Dilated Pupils, co-founder of SIENA and ESHU Records, Ivano Tetelepta is a busy, but laidback and humble G in this era. As being a former member of breakdance crews Ill Skill Squad, Come Correct and Rebelz On The Run (a division of Always Doing Hardcore Damage), Tetelepta’s style was naturally shaped by his bboy background. This resulted in over 40+ releases on his name on high quality labels such as Fear of Flying, Rue de Plaisance, Tenderpark, Sol Asylum and many, many more. Festivals and clubs were aware of his music production and resulted in performance at clubs such as Doornroosje (Nijmegen), Arma 17 (Moscow), Rex Club and Concrete (Paris), Club der Visionaere and Tresor (Berlin), AgeHa (Tokyo), Embargo and Sky Garden (Bali), VIP (Crete) and performance at festivals such as 8Bahn N&D, Henk, Drift, Mysteryland (as ESHU) and BCB (Hungary) to name a few. While listening to his music production, you can feel his emotion, influence and background. For now he developed an interesting discography and gig CV, and will continue his journey. Be aware, stay up.!’’