Kisk - Jazzyness LP

Jazzy Tourism is the first work that puts Apparel Music in the electronic music radar. The label seeks to combine different hemispheres, trying to impress on vinyl its distinctive moods and emotions. Each track of the release is crafted with the intention to be played out loud in some club’s sweaty dancefloor and made with a jazzy touch with the drums and the Deep bassline as protagonists. Kisk researches and models perfectly his jazz samples, picking the right sounds to fit his style while Lopazz & Zarook’s remi- xes are the cathartic soul of the EP with huge ‘psyco deep’ basses that fill up the stomach slowly. SCSI-9 surprise us with special effects, their grooves and with the precious help of Professor Marriarti’s saxophone. The vinyl ends with Yapacc’s version which takes us to a more Funky/Minimal world with darker moments leading to the final light.