Apparel Music B​-​Day 1

Apparel Music is pleased to announce its first year of life. For this occasion we collected 15 tracks. All together they represent, in our opinion, the brand in a quirky, unusual and exciting way. The first side expresses our daylight perspective, between slow bits of international nature: fresh and full of artists willing to explore and discover themself.
 The first track, "I have a dream" of A5 is the hidden message, that welcomes all those that haven’t got to know each other yet. 
The dream runs through the border with new technologies, where software and numbers keep low our “humanitarian” defences and lead us away from reality.
 Gilles Roy: gets "lost in my vision" and tells us what he sees for the future. Kjofol perseveres and makes us fly away to "St Just", a healthy place rich of insights.
 Phunx and BiteOfire meet half way and realize a good pace, without too many shackles on mind. Eddi Shkiper brings us into a warm and spacious Deep, following a clean and satisfying line. Then comes a reminder for many of us, just listen to "Wolf Experience" and Genny G, he will explain everything. Metrica sums up an idea in few minutes and opens the way for the evening, the second side of the album, the materialization of the night viewed with "Diptyque" of Keisuke Kondo. The Japanese artist brings us into the most polished Deep with simple and well defined sounds, increasing, between the melody and the right reason. Aaron und Pascal, not for a coincidence, describe their peace after the storm with "After the Rainbow". Mastafaktor delights us for the occasion with a colorful analog work, accompanied by a female voice from Montecarlo, a hot and seductive that crosses all of a sudden a carpet of batteries in stereo, very impressive. Lula Circus gives 11 minutes of research and irreverence, where the sounds come together in unexplored places. Retrac brings to the table all the "keys" that he found, and tells us his story, leaving nothing for granted. Alejandro Mosso aka Funzion gives us his elegant groove with "Alpino", a song full of emotional impulses, that comes up slowly, without haste, dry.
 Needless to overlook Yapacc and his friends, who closed with class and methodical madness a year full of new experiences, a perfect year, a CD meticulously expected, especially from our team.