Happiness Therapy

We’re thrilled to welcome Happiness Therapy on our label’s cable mix series, dedicated to record labels and their owners.

The new episode is curated by the French label -founded by Crowd Control in 2018- coming up with 64minutes of amazing straight-from-the-crate music from their catalogues. Enjoy!



Crowd Control feat. ÜJEAN - Apa [Happiness Therapy 15]

Harrison BDP - Eternal Space [Happiness Therapy 02]

Jesse Bru All Day Bae [The Coast LP, HTLP01]

Tour Maubourg - Stay [Happiness Therapy 06]

Crowd Control & minorah - The Loft [3 Years Of Happiness, HT3YEARS]

Dub Striker - Wild Rhythm (Garrett David Remix) [Happiness Therapy 07]

B From E - Just At Night [Happiness Therapy 18]

Marc Brauner - What's Your Name [Happiness Therapy 14]

Crowd Control & Strandtuch - Having Fun [5 Years Of Happiness, HT5YEARS]

Strandtuch - Want 2 Feel [Happy House Vol. 6, HTCOMP06]

Baka G - Cooking Up [Happiness Therapy 19]

Baka G - Gimme [Happiness Therapy 19]

Baka G & Denyl Brook - Wavy [5 Years Of Happiness, HT5YEARS]

Kolter - My Buddy [5 Years Of Happiness, HT5YEARS]