Introducing the Apparel Wax Diary 2024: Words and notes, on the Same Page – the debut from the mysterious Apparel Paper (APLPAPER) catalog by Apparel Book. Crafted by the enigmatic collective, Apparel Wax, known for their vinyl releases celebrating the essence of music, this weekly agenda seamlessly blends organization with artistic expression. Enter the realm of our musical crusader with the Apparel Wax Diary 2024, a coveted treasure designed for those who appreciate the artistry of both music and organization. This diary serves as a canvas where words and notes converge on each page, embodying the spirit of Apparel Wax's dedication to promoting art over ego. Similar to the mysterious superhero of the music world, the Apparel Wax Diary 2024 stands as a symbol of resilience and unwavering commitment, presented in a sturdy hardcover format. In the tradition of our competitor's bestselling diaries, this visual delight features illustrations and insights from the anonymous collective's musical journey. Each page is a fusion of words and images, creating a harmonious blend that reflects the ethos of Apparel Wax. But that's not all – inside, discover a unique feature that transforms this diary into a sonic journal. Beneath the weekly artwork, you'll find a QR code linked to the "Waxlist" on Spotify, a playlist curated by Apparel Wax. Immerse yourself in the musical journey of the week, turning this diary into a vibrant and ever-changing soundtrack. Compact and pocket-sized, this diary is not just a planner but a companion for those on the move. With a silk ribbon marker and an internal storage pocket, it adds a touch of sophistication to your organization, allowing you to plan your week with style. Embrace the spirit of the musical crusader and stay organized in a way that resonates with the artistry of Apparel Wax. The Apparel Wax Diary 2024: Words and notes, on the Same Page is more than just an agenda; it's a tribute to the anonymous champions of music, ready to accompany you on your creative journey. Carry it with pride in your pocket, backpack, or bag, and let the essence of Apparel Wax inspire your week. Turn each page into a chapter of your sonic diary with the exclusive "Waxlist" QR code, and let the music play.

Whriter: Apparel Wax
Illustrator: Apparel Wax
Release date: 12th December 2023