Words of Giuseppe D’Alessandro aka Kisk, Apparel Music owner, Apparel Wax’s project manager and A&R.

1.) Who is Apparel Wax?
Apparel Wax is a vinyl faced anonymous collective born in September 2017. Back then we were tired of the marketing dynamics dictated by the market itself; it was that time where everything was only rotating around the names of the artists and we decided to bring back things to normal, to shift the perspective to the simplest and strongest subject: music. Apparel Wax’s strings are essentially pulled by a collective of unknown artists from all over the world: some of them have already established themselves as the best acts and some of them are young talents. What we try to achieve with Apparel Wax is a constant renewal of sounds and the deeper sense that lies behind the launch of the project is to erase any kind of musical racism, discrimination or distinction. We’re about the music, not about the names. that’s it.