I've Asked Myself EP by Justnique 
[Exclusive on Beatport]

AM is thrilled to introduce to you the latest digital record that is set to make waves in the House music scene – “I’ve Asked Myself” by the talented Italian artist, Justnique.This highly anticipated release marks his second collaboration with us. Out on the 23rd of February 2024, “I’ve Asked Myself” is a musical journey that showcases Justnique’s prowess in crafting infectious House beats that transcend traditional boundaries. Consisting of three tracks – “Another Party Girl,” “That Fever,” and the title track “I’ve Asked Myself” – this digital record promises an impressive sonic experience. First is “Another Party Girl,” a composition that exudes a nostalgic retro, disco music feel. The track immerses the listener in a pulsating rhythm, transporting them to the golden era of disco while maintaining a contemporary edge. Next up there’s “That Fever,” a track that takes the tempo down a notch, offering a smooth groove coupled with sensual male vocals. Closing out the record is the eponymous track, “I’ve Asked Myself.” This final offering is a masterclass in elegance and sophistication, presenting a new interpretation of House music, with a great groove that is both classy and refined.