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Mystic V, Peter Jericho - Miracles

This my new deep house track from my second EP “In search for the good” featuring beautiful vocals from Peter Jericho !.


Larry Dixon - Doing What Comes Naturally

"Doing What Comes Naturally" by Larry Dixon is a soul and funk track characterized by its lively rhythm, groovy bassline, and catchy melodies. The song shows a feel-good vibe, encouraging listeners to embrace spontaneity and enjoy life's pleasures without hesitation. It's a spirited and uplifting tune that's sure to get you moving and uplift your mood! 


Second Image - Can't Keep Holding On - Extended Version

"Can't Keep Holding On" is an energetic 1980s British funk track with vibrant instrumentals and poignant lyrics about the emotional struggle of letting go in a failing relationship. The song opens with a rhythmic, upbeat instrumental section featuring a strong bass line, tight drum patterns, and crisp synthesizer melodies. It simply brings you into a danceable and groovy atmosphere.


Groove Collective - Everything Is Changing

"Everything Is Changing" by Groove Collective is a dynamic fusion of jazz, funk, and electronic elements, with captivating instrumentation and great vocals. It's an infectious and funky track!


Dj Spinna, Phonte - Tonight We Ride - Vocal Mix

"Tonight We Ride (Vocal Mix)" by DJ Spinna featuring Phonte is a captivating blend of deep house and soulful hip-hop. It features smooth melodies, infectious rhythms, and soulful vocals, love that track.


Diaspora - Sweet Abraham

This deep house track is truly captivating with its rich, entrancing rhythms and atmospheric layers, offering a profoundly reflective and immersive listening experience!