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Maggio 20, 2019
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Damian Rausch

Wake Up EP

Release date: 20th of May 2019

Apparel Music, the motherboard, comes back after the winter to introduce Damian Rausch, with his debut EP "Wake Up", which will be the eighth release of the Apparel Digital Extra catalog (APDEXTRA008).




Damian Rausch is a newcomer on the scene and grows in a family that helps him to develop his musical personality: his mother is a piano teacher and his father is a musician. In this musical environment the German develops his skills firstly by playing guitar and then playing around with metal bands. He started to make his way towards electronic music in 2015 starting to produce hip-hop instrumental and then moving to house music, being also influenced by the active techno scene in Gießen, his hometown, where he promotes parties for some time. Now, with Apparel Music, he 's finally ready to make everyone listen to his creations with a 3 tracks EP, pervaded with a wave of energetic sounds, sign of the bold freshness brought by Damian to his work. Starting from the title track "Wake Up", nothing less than a dancefloor belter with classic & up to date approach to vocals and crispy rhythmics. The second one, “Birds”, sees a deliberate expression of harmonies and spacey textures while closing the track “Keep On” is adding to substantial amounts of groovy chords and nicely sampled vocals. APDEXTRA008 is provided by Damian Rausch, a new promising talent brought to you by Apparel Music.


APDEXTRA008 is provided by Damian Rausch, a new promising talent brought to you by Apparel Fam. Project curated by Giuseppe D'Alessandro, mastered by Lopazz (Mixandmastering Studio), distributed by Wordandsound. . Published by Apparel Music ©

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