APPAREL PREMIERE: Turenne – 2009 (Quasar Remix) [Funclab Records]
Dicembre 15, 2020
Deep House Tehran premiered ‘Joint4Nine – N21’
Dicembre 18, 2020

Moskalus premiered 'Joint4Nine - It's Gone (Get Over It)'

Apparel Music is happy to present you the 13th record off the APDEXTRA catalogue, this time a courtesy of Ivan Lozano aka Joint4Nine from Bogotà! His ‘P-Connection’ is a stunning 5 track EP which displays the great talent of the Colombian DJ and Producer, also known for being the co-founder of Nomada Records. In ‘It's Gone (Get Over It)’ the artist increases the pace with a proper dancefloor hit driven by evolving chords, a sturdy rhythm section and again some masterly chosen samples...